Maximize IoT Connectivity Benefits with Simple, Yet Robust Solutions

aerial view of city maximizing IoT benefits and robust solutions

IoT promises a host of benefits for end-users. To maximize IoT Connectivity benefits with simple, yet robust solutions, it can come from using a simplified IoT solution rather than attempting to cobble together different components from different suppliers. Among the benefits that IoT promises include the following:

  • Early details on when a machine is underperforming for manufacturers, enabling them to pull the device offline and make any necessary repairs during a slow period, rather than waiting until the machine unexpectedly fails, likely at a time of high demand.
  • Inventory and real-time sales information for retailers so that they can respond quickly to “rushes” on products or slowing sales of other products to adjust inventory appropriately.
  • Traffic data for truck drivers so that they can adjust their routes to avoid slowdowns due to accidents or unexpectedly heavy traffic. Local traffic enforcement officials use similar data to respond to changes in traffic patterns.

To maximize these benefits and minimize the cost, an enterprise will want a simple, yet robust solution from an IoT connectivity provider. To ensure that organizations have a simplified solution that will meet all IoT connectivity needs, including reliability, security, and optimum speed, look for an IoT connectivity provider that offers:

Embedded and integrated SIMs options

Embedded and integrated SIMs (eSIMs and iSIMs) can provide companies with significant cost efficiencies for their IoT deployments. These technologies, depending upon which is selected, can save between 8-13% of costs over the lifetime of the connectivity per device.

Connectivity as a Service (CaaS)

If done correctly, connectivity as a service will provide organizations with a maximize IoT connectivity solution that scales as needs grow, alleviating the expense of purchasing a solution before it makes financial sense. The right CaaS technology will provide you with a mix of 2G (pre-sunset), 3G, 4G NB-IoT and Cat-M connectivity, and 5G for the future, so that you have the best available connectivity in any area of the world where you operate.

CaaS will also provide integrators with simplicity, using embedded and integrated SIM (eSIM and iSIM) as well as an ultra-compact LTE CAT M1, NB1 and NB2 module offering integrated SIM (iSIM) support.

The dual-band design is essential because it mitigates the common multi-path effect near tall commercial and residential buildings or deep urban canyons, so it still provides reliable positioning performance in those types of locations in less obstructed areas.

To improve performance when using a passive antenna, the module needs to have a built-in LNA and internal SAW filter, ensuring high sensitivity while maximizing position accuracy. A dual-power receiver chip and advanced low-power management will provide the module with the necessary sensing and position fixing capabilities. Another great way to maximize IoT connectivity.

End-to-end IoT connectivity solutions

An end-to-end IoT services provider will be able to provide organizations with a full solution that works without integration issues with different components. There will be no finger-pointing between providers of different components because they don’t communicate with each other. A single provider will “own” the issue and resolve it for you.

Maximize IoT connectivity

By working with a provider that has end-to-end industry expertise, organizations will ensure their system will work as expected. Work with a provider that can not only supply end-to-end components but also work to ensure that maximum benefits are derived from those components. It does little good to purchase components from a provider who doesn’t offer post-sale support. By leveraging the provider’s industry expertise, you won’t need technicians on staff just to handle IoT connectivity issues.

IoT connectivity does not have to be difficult or complicated; it’s a proven technology. Yes, there will be ups and downs, network outages, etc., but most issues can be fixed quickly. Quectel now offers modules, antennas and IoT connectivity services as one organization and this provides an excellent opportunity for organizations to experience how simple IoT connectivity can be. It is an excellent opportunity for organizations to experience how simple it is to maximize IoT connectivity.


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