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laptop sitting on a picnic table as an IoT device

What Is the Internet of Things and Why Should You Care?

The Internet of Things is a buzzword that you have probably been hearing a lot lately. But what does it actually mean? And more...
aerial view of city maximizing IoT benefits and robust solutions

Maximize IoT Connectivity Benefits with Simple, Yet Robust Solutions

IoT promises a host of benefits for end-users. To maximize IoT Connectivity benefits with simple, yet robust solutions, it can come from using a...
city at dusk with a virtual 5G overlay connecting devices

From Reactive to Proactive: How 5G Can Ramp up Businesses, Save...

Imagine your typical work week. It may be already busy, but in addition to your daily tasks, your essential tools would keep on disappearing....

Teppo Hemiä

Teppo Hemiä Chief Executive OfficerTechnology, IoT, 5GTampere, Finland, Scandinavia Listen to Teppo's Podcast! Teppo Hemiä is the CEO and Board Director of Wirepas, and is a technology...

Artificial Intelligence Transforms Traditional Manufacturing Industries

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is technology that empowers and leverages computers and other types of machines to imitate the human mind’s ability to solve problems...
Tips for Protecting Industrial IoT Devices

Tips for Protecting Industrial IoT Devices

The industrial sector has successfully adopted the latest advancements in technology and brought them to new heights, effectively creating the industrial Internet of Things...


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