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Ingrid is a healthcare executive, futurist and globalist who is highly dedicated to digital and ethics advocacy. She is a passionate educator and entrepreneurship ecosystem builder, known as an expert speaker and consultant. Throughout her career she has received several awards for excellence in research, teaching or leadership. This past year she has been named one of the Top 100 Global Healthcare Innovators and Top 100 Global Finance Leaders.

Currently she serves as Chief Ethics Officer for GBA Global, Senator and Secretary General for WBAF and as the Chief Quality and Innovation Officer at Pediatrix. In this capacity she provides oversight for all quality and innovation initiatives across the enterprise, such as Blockchain, AI, Genomics, Precision Medicine, Population Health, Telehealth, Medical Simulation, and Value Based Care.

Additionally, she provides leadership to the MEDNAX Center for Research, Education, Quality and Safety. She is an international not for profit organization and is a member of the World Angels Business Investment Forum where she serves in a senator role and is active within the Startup & Ethics Committees. She is currently a Faculty Member of the WBAF Business School, Division of Entrepreneurship, an Honorary member of the Law and Technology Global Online Academy and teaching the Executive MBA Business Technology Course at the UM Business School. Additionally, Dr. Vasiliu-Feltes is a Member of the Fintech Xpertsleague, as well as the Ambassador for several not for profit organizations such as Women in AI, Blockchain in Healthcare Today and League of Virtual Social Entrepreneurs.

Throughout her career, Dr. Vasiliu-Feltes held several leadership positions within the academic, corporate and not-for-profit healthcare arena, most notably serving as VP-Education, Quality and Safety, Chief Patient Safety and Quality Officer, Chief of Compliance and Quality Assurance, Medical Director of Clinical Research Trials, and Medical Director-Managed Care. Her consulting engagements have included healthcare systems, VC funds, angel investment funds, not for profit entities and corporations.

After completing her post-graduate residency and fellowship training at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons in 2003, she earned her Executive Master of Business Administration degree in 2011 from the University of Miami Herbert Business School.

During her academic tenure at University of Miami Miller School of Medicine she taught several courses within the Medical School, as well as the combined MD/PhD and MD/MPH programs. Dr. Vasiliu-Feltes was a highly active member or chaired several committees within the UHealth System. She was also a member of the UM Faculty Senate, UMMG Faculty Council, and an avid advocate of several initiatives lead by the UM Institute of Bioethics and Health Policy.

Dr. Vasiliu-Feltes is also a member of numerous prestigious professional organizations and holds several certifications, such as Bioethics from Harvard, Artificial Intelligence and Business Strategy from MIT Sloan, Blockchain Technology and Business Innovation from MIT Sloan, Finance from Harvard Business School, Negotiation from Harvard Law School, Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Stanford Graduate School of Business, Certified Professional in Healthcare Risk Management, Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives, Patient Safety Officer by the International Board Federation of Safety Managers, Master Black Belt in Lean and Six Sigma Management, Professional in Healthcare Quality by the National Association of Healthcare Quality, Manager for Quality and Organizational Excellence, by the American Society for Quality, and Certified Risk Management Professional by the American Society for Healthcare Risk Management.

[Q U I C K   N O T E S]

Ingrid, can you start off by telling us about yourself and why you chose the medical profession?

Science has been my passion since childhood. Later, I also discovered my desire to help others and the medical field seemed to suit both. The first have of my career I dedicated to clinical practice and research. After completing my EMBA in Healthcare Policy and Management I become interested in learning more about population health, and how to impact clinical outcomes via value based care and compliance. Since then I have taken on a series of administrative healthcare roles such as VP of Education, Quality and Safety, followed by Chief Quality and Safety Officer and I currently serve as Chief Quality & Innovation Officer.

Can you tell us what drives you to be as passionate as you are in driving change and innovation in healthcare from a provider perspective?

I believe in the motto: ” be the change you want to see in the world” and there is a lot we can do to optimize global population health. It is imperative to redesign the healthcare delivery model and for all stakeholders within the healthcare ecosystem to collaborate if we wish to truly move the needle in healthcare globally.

Tell us a little bit about what a Chief Quality & Innovation Officer is?

The dual title indicates oversight for all quality initiatives, in addition to promoting the design and implementation of the latest technologies and scientific advances to augment our clinical enterprise. Only by ensuring the highest quality and safety standards in clinical care delivery can we aim to integrate emergent and novel technologies within the DNA of our clinical practice and develop new precision medicine solutions.

Ingrid Vasiliu-Feltes speaking at podium at Health conference

What’s one or two accomplishments that you’re proud of?

My ongoing drive to continuously improve, as well as to embrace scientific discoveries and digital innovation. Over the past decade I have aimed to learn more about all facets of healthcare and about several novel technologies that were promising to change the paradigm in our industry. I progressively became interested and then had oversight over telehealth, medical simulation, and AI-powered programs or initiatives. Over the past few years I have also earned certifications in innovation, entrepreneurship, AI, blockchain, and bioethics.

What advice do you have for other up-and-coming leader medical professionals?

The journey of a thousand miles start with a single step. Take it! The medical profession remains one of the most noble ones and there are numerous pathways to contribute to the global population health. Be curious, never cease to learn and dedicate yourself to improve lives.

Who was your biggest influencer?

Professionally: my mentor who always encouraged me to pursue my goals even when others considered them “futuristic” or “‘ too complex”. That advice has been transformative for my career. I progressively became involved with several global organizations dedicated to digital health advocacy that allowed my complex vision to be realized and many technologies that were once considered futuristic have now become mainstream.

On a personal level: my grandmother who always emphasized to me that integrity is essential in anything we do. That core moral value she instilled early on has been a guiding principle and a priceless anchor throughout my life and career.

casual dressed headshot of Ingrid Vasiliu-FeltesWhat is the most challenging part of your work as the Chief Quality & Innovation Officer?

There is not enough time to accomplish all the good that can be accomplished. From a Quality and Safety perspective it is a continuous improvement process so one could classify it is a “perpetual task”. From an Innovation Officer’s perspective I can definitely state that the need to prioritize projects is the most challenging, as all of them could contribute to better outcomes and have a positive impact on global health.

What do you have your sights set on next?

The potential of precision medicine is fascinating to me. It is believed to be one of the key drivers of exponential medicine and a catalyst for a new paradigm in preventing disease, maintaining wellness and longevity, as well as in developing customized treatment solutions for acute or chronic diseases.

Do you have any hobbies?

Yes, I am active in Swimming, Kayaking, Cycling, and Skiing. I love Classical Music

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What makes you smile?

Seeing others overcome their fears or being kind to others makes me smile.

What are you never without?

My practical answer: my iphone.

Ideologically, I am never without passion or integrity in everything I do.

What scares you?

If we as a society can’t break silos and cooperate it will be difficult to manage some of the health and economic challenges we are currently facing globally. Additionally, although I am a digital advocate and futurist, I also hope our society does not lose its soul and moral values that are very important to me.

What’s your favorite vacation spot?

Skiing in Snowbird, Utah or visiting Singapore.

List any other work, published articles, interviews or accomplishments:

I have published several article series lately that are focused on digital tech, fintech, ethics, design thinking and the urgent need for a healthcare renaissance. They are all available on my Linkedin page. This past year has been highly rewarding and I am humbled by the two recent awards received: “Top 100 Global Leader In Finance” and “Top 100 Global Healthcare Innovators“. I am also grateful for the honor to serve in key leadership roles in two large not for profit organizations and for being designated as an ambassador for:

  • Women in AI
  • Blockchain in Healthcare Today
  • Inspired Minds

~ Ingrid


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