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Tesha Jie is the Founder and Meditation Creator of Theme Meditation.

Tesha Jie is a writer, linguist and social media consultant/influencer, meditation creator and a psychic futurist. She has Chinese, Korean, English and Japanese origins, she is fluent in Chinese, English, and French, can speak 9 other languages and hold 4 masters degrees from French and American universities.

She writes about meditation, unconventional knowledge and novels, creates and guide meditation, advise and speaks about social media, culture, speech gestures and diversity related subjects. She’s a rarely high-profile brands advisor while being an influencer herself, about social media, she’s in the dark and under the light at the same time. She also group guides meditation for businesses, organizations or is a brand speaker/ ambassador

Tesha Jie published a novel in 2006 and recently a book on meditation « 30 Mini Instant Meditation », which helps busy people to get into meditation quickly and integrate it into their daily lives.

While writing a novel called Eye Ring after receiving the story from direct consciousness communication, when doing research for the novel, she got immersed into unconventional knowledge and is writing and publishing a series of books called Life’s Purpose & Universe.

She has now published Book 2 books for the series:

  • 1st one is 5 Theories of Mankind’s Origins
  • 2nd one is Quantum Physics, Andromeda Extraterrestrials & 11 Dimensions Universe

The coming books from her series are:

  • How to Live Forever
  • Emotional Health &Chinese Proverbs
  • Social Media, Digital Countries & 101 km+
  • Reincarnation Truth & Multi-Personalities & Zombies – How to deal with pain, depression, heart breaks, suicidal thoughts for sensitive souls
[Q U I C K   N O T E S]

Tesha, can you start off by telling us about yourself and why you went into entrepreneurship?

Tesha Jie sitting on picnic table holding her hair upI came from a family of entrepreneurs, both my father and step-father were very successful businessmen and entrepreneurs who could start from scratch and build huge empires of factories, companies, etc. Personally, I never wanted to be an entrepreneur. I consider myself a writer, scholar and an artist for my Gemini pair double personalities. Somehow, I started to build my own brand because of my failures at being part of the French public school system, to have my normal day job as a teacher while being a writer. After 7 years of rejection, I began to accept my wild and crazy side, I went on social media, I became outspoken and began my own brand as a writer and meditation creator.

Can you tell us what drives you to be successful as an entrepreneur?

OI think it’s because I’m not afraid of being different or being rejected anymore. There is nothing I fear in the emotional world.  When you don’t have fear, you try everything until you truly become yourself. The worst rejections during those years for me as a school teacher made me find calmness and peace. During the worst time of my life, I was smiling and dancing. Anything better feels like a huge success for me. I think I have succeeded finding the best thing in life – to have a strong and peaceful heart.

Tell us about your current role and your vision of helping people become better versions of themselves.

Tesha Jie on bridge and cover of her bookI’m writing a series of books called, “Purposes of Life & Universe“. I make speeches and seminars around the topic, and I create theme meditations for my meditation website, both for individual and business subscribers. I still run a subscription for high profile personal brands, which means I will put aside most work personal work as a social media consultant.

When people have a clear vision of their life’s purpose, meditate to find an emotional peace and somehow find people who agree with them on social media… they inevitably have improved themselves in the process.

What’s the one or two accomplishments that you’re proud of?

The first one is always I get started; the second one is I’m still there, happy and serene, no longer afraid.

What advice do you have for other entrepreneurs, authors and coaches?

Don’t be afraid, don’t stress, and just have fun!

Are you active on social media professionally?  If so, what platforms work best for engaging your followers?

Tesha Jie leaning up against a white iron gateYes, I’m everywhere on social media, I have about 1.5 million followers combined on my social media accounts, both professionally and personally. I’m on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Wechat, Twitter, and Facebook. On Facebook I have a big public page, a group and a personal profile. For LinkedIn I have a large personal profile following, and various professional pages.

What is the major difference between being an entrepreneur and working in marketing?

Typically, whatever I do and build is my content, unless I sell it. Working in marketing is all about helping build others’ brands, helping sell other people and companies’ products and services.

Who was your biggest influence?

Everyone. I learn from the successful ones and the ones who failed… the biggest one? Catherine the Great or Soong Mei-ling… I love women survivors.

What is the most challenging part of your work as an entrepreneur?

Sales. I don’t like selling. I like giving people everything for free! I don’t like asking people to pay me… I actually don’t like the existence of money. If I could have a life where I could completely ignore money’s existence and just do what I like, that would be my ideal state.

Tesha Jie in a red dress out in the French countrysideWhat do you have your sights set on next?

I will keep writing my series of books on “Life’s purposes & Universe“, make more meditation content, and have more personal and corporate subscribers, etc. I hope at some point I finish the long novel “Eye Ring“, and a short story collection as well.

What is a day in your life like?

I naturally wake up very early, I just meditate and note down what I remember from my dreams as inspiration, and write them into meditation scripts. Then I would go to swim or dance.  I’d meet friends or clients, running errands, around lunch time. In the afternoon I work and  maintain my websites, record new audio and videos, edit and send them out. Then I continue to write my books. In the evenings, I go back to dance or see friends.

Do you have any hobbies?

Yes, dancing. I love dancing. Additionally, swimming and hiking are my other favorite hobbies.

What makes you smile?

Nature in general.

What are you never without?Tesha Jie on the coast of France

My phone.

What scares you?

Ignorant and narrow-minded people who have a sense of false superiority, firm unchangeable positions and views on things.

What is your favorite vacation spot?

I generally like waterfalls or sea sides that have colorful rocks. Niagara Falls is my first, Côte de granite rose or Biarritz, France for the second.

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~ Tesha


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