How “Big Guy/Little Guy” Collaboration Can Help Insurance Soar

man holding a digital representation of insurtech or insurance

A funny thing happened while recently attending Insurtech Insights USA 2022 in NYC; I realized that the insurance industry needs an insurance policy. 

Personally, I went to the conference to listen, learn, and engage, all the while wondering whether an industry not known for innovation and reimagination – in the words of W.R. Berkley’s Rob Berkley, not mine – would be receptive to a radically different, ready-made approach that’s faster, easier, and more cost-effective and scalable than existing solutions?

Meeting Unmet Needs

There is a real imperative today for CEOs to drive growth and value. This is a time unlike any other, where leaders fret over boards, predecessors, and detractors, looking back and saying, how did we miss this or fail to pivot in time? No CEO wants to miss this moment, which is why many are wrestling with:

  • Elevating client experience/digital offerings
  • Making the extraordinary appear seamless
  • Solving inclusion and talent problems

PwC, Reuters, Deloitte, and McKinsey all confirm what CEOs want and need today is exactly what our DEALROCKiT and STARTUP ROCKiT platforms provide: growth through product innovation, superior CX, and ecosystem investing. Ironically, I have to wonder…will insurers come to think of US as insurance?

Insurance companies make their living by cashing in on people’s fears. Folks and businesses alike fear theft, damage, liability, and natural disasters. And because of that fear, they’re willing to pay up for insurance. The same logic follows here — our products are needed to reduce risk and ROCKiT growth fast.

Making You the Biggest Winner of All

At DEALROCKiT Technologies, we consider ourselves Switzerland with an attitude. Like McKenzie Scott said, “We don’t advocate for particular policies or reforms. Instead, we seek a portfolio of organizations that supports the ability of all people to participate in solutions.” Be it delivering new capabilities and integrated experiences or unleashing unprecedented opportunity and impactful business relationships, we believe that removing the barriers between you and where you want to go benefits everyone.

Using our product and platform offerings, we envision a world where insurers and brokers fundamentally change the narrative. From how they’re perceived and promoted, to how solutions are provided, problems solved, and growth acquired. In short, we see our collaboration with insurers as a springboard for the “Big Guy” to help the “Little Guy” become the innovators, rainmakers, and leaders they aspire to be.

Therefore, even in these uncertain times, we see an immense opening to unleash a new age of opportunity and inclusion, making insurers the problem solvers, business magnets, value creators, and antidotes for uncertainty that others wish they could be. It reminds me of the famous quote by Henry Ford: “If I asked my customers what they wanted they would have said a faster horse.

Leaders need to step up, be unconventional, seek new strategic collaborations, take dramatic action, and embrace innovation and mindset change — or risk being left behind.

Albert Einstein said: “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.” That statement has never been truer than today.

For more on business inclusion, big guy little guy collaboration, and growth and retention through ecosystem investing feel free to review Batteries Included or contact us directly to see for yourself.


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