MMMP: Maximizing Modern Measurement Platforms

two people working on analytics and net promoter scores

Information is the lifeblood of brands & businesses around the world. And, in a post-pandemic world, even more so. Thus the importance of maximizing modern measurement platforms.

From tracking company operations to employee performance, and customer relationships, entrepreneurs & stakeholders rely on data to make short-term plans and set long-term goals. It is for the same reason, enterprises are often stuck with complex measurement tactics to tackle their challenges in optimizing their operations.

This is where surveys enter the conversation. Online surveys help businesses efficiently collect feedback from the customers, employees, and other stakeholders to improve the experiences they deliver. They’re a significant improvement over the traditional paper-based surveys, long phone calls, and exhaustive in-person interactions. Surveys can practically be used as your data collection tool, and as the experience management industry is booming, many innovations and technology advancements have been made. And, this is how you can make the most out of modern measurement platforms. 

Choose Dynamic & Scalable Survey Software

The world is full of distractions. Everybody is busy and always has something else they’re interested in doing. Even the studies say that the human average attention span has plummeted over the years from twelve to eight seconds! This poses a new challenge for business leaders and brands. They have to connect with their audience and keep them engaging while collecting valuable insights. 

The customer experience journey doesn’t end after sales, it’s a cycle. It’s imperative for any brand that values customer satisfaction to make sure every interaction they have with their customers is memorable.

Online survey software with a dynamic UI and intuitive features will help you transform an ordinary survey into impactful conversations. It helps you boost customer engagement & thereby, better survey completion rates. The more the responses, the better your insights will be.  Delivering an amazing customer experience goes beyond a single interaction, it should be like a string of wow moments. The right survey tool will help you cover every touchpoint in the journey and refine it- from website to customer support.

Create Actionable Steps 

Uncertainty is the biggest challenge for a business. A heap of skewed or biased data is equally useless as a vague report. And, that’s why you should focus more on collecting actionable data and powerful analytics that can uncover insights that drive actions. Customized surveys present an effective way to collect more insights, leveraging modern measurement platforms to develop and implement process-relevant solutions and strategies successfully. 

Even the most specific and valuable customer feedback won’t be of any use without counter actions. Once companies have successfully employed optimal surveying processes, the next logical step would be to design and implement actionable items to streamline operations to increase customer satisfaction further. Leveraging modern measurement platforms is key to your customer success.

Watch Out for NPS

Are your customers likely to recommend your particular product or service? The NPS (Net Promoter Score) was specifically designed to measure and evaluate exact areas of improvement within an organization. 

Most platforms allow for easy NPS evaluation. Popular methods are questions regarding customer satisfaction scaled from 1 to 10 as an overall reference score. Based on these answers, users are classified into three categories; Detractors, Passives, and Promoters. 

The categories have the following characteristics:

  • Detractors are users who gave a score lower than or equal to 6 and demonstrated a shallow interest in purchasing again.
  • Passives provided a score between 7 and 8, and while they were satisfied, their future experiences with the company will define if they will switch to a different brand.
  • Promoters bring a score of 9 or 10 and have the potential to become brand ambassadors and boost the company’s reputation.

Modern Measurement Platforms

NPS is calculated by subtracting the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters. Once the score is determined, an organization can launch a fully tailored solution to improve a low score or maintain a high one. According to studies, if used correctly, NPS values can explain up to 92% of the variation in future revenue for large companies. Constantly evaluating NPS allows companies to create key strategies to further success by using modern measurement platforms.

Consumers have a world full of choices, and it’s the companies that provide the best customer experience that score big. A customized, engaging survey that fits your specific goals will not only help you understand your audience’s perspective but also guide you towards success. It’s time to maximize modern measurement platforms.


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