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What Is Data Observability – And What Does It Look Like?

In 2022, data observability will be a must-have for every data team. But what is it and what does a good approach look like? Across...

5 Things Are Destroying Your Data – But There are Tools...

There is a reason this point in history has been called the Information Age. It is estimated that as a global society, we create...

Achieving a 360-Degree View of Your Corporate Data

Corporations today must operate on sound intelligence that comes from every corner and crevice of their business. Information is everywhere, and the ability to...

Improve Data Security & Sustainability By Reducing Your Data Footprint

Data sprawl continues its relentless march, leading organizations to accumulate larger sets of data across industries. As cloud storage reigns supreme in the storage...

Gary Lyng

Gary Lyng Chief Marketing Officer Technology, Data Santa Monica, CA, USA Listen to Gary's Podcast! Gary Lyng is the Chief Marketing Officer of Aparavi, the trusted disruptor in data...

MMMP: Maximizing Modern Measurement Platforms

Information is the lifeblood of brands & businesses around the world. And, in a post-pandemic world, even more so. From tracking company operations to employee...


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