Techunting Smart Sales Robot for LinkedIn

a drawing of LinkedIn people representing the LinkedIn Robot

The Techunting LinkedIn Robot is a valuable resource tasked with reducing work for business executives. This is a great opportunity that allows these people to focus on more valuable activities. In this article we will show you essential aspects about its creation and some tips for the pandemic era.

If you want to know what this tool is about, uses and growth in markets, continue with us. Here we provide you with valuable information that can help you understand the reasons for its emergence and importance.

What is Techunting LinkedIn Robot?

Techunting Smart Sales LinkedIn Robot is a product developed by Techunting. This, with the aim of getting clients on the LinkedIn social network and contacts all over the world.

It is a behavioral automation tool that facilitates the work of commercial executives in the company. This is to avoid manual labor, allowing people to focus their time on more valuable tasks.

Why did the Techunting Smart Sales robot come about?

This technology arose from the need to have a sales team focused on the most valuable tasks in the company. For example:

  • Increase in staff
  • Headhunting and recruitment
  • Digital transformation support
  • Software outsourcing
  • Online marketing

Generally, business executives waste a great deal of time searching for the right people for certain tasks. In addition, they have to keep track of the entire process, making this work slower and more tedious.

Therefore, the need was born to save executives time so that they could focus on real opportunities. This makes your work faster and more efficient, bringing with it excellent possibilities for fluidity and profitability.

Currently, the Techunting LinkedIn Robot targets more than 500 clients with whom the company works. These companies, located in Spain and Latin America, seek to regionalize and expand into new markets. The best thing is that this tool allows you to automate prospecting and networking.

What are the goals of this robot?

The robot enables meaningful connections to be made on LinkedIn. With this, a valuable resource is obtained to improve engagement, contact, follow up and invitations. For this, the client’s profile is used, through which interaction with other people is created.

With the help of the technology used, the robot helps to increase the interaction rate in the social network. This directly influences networking and popularity on LinkedIn, in turn generating trust among contacts.

The Techunting LinkedIn Robot favors the following aspects:

  • Use with free versions of LinkedIn
  • Validity of skills of the connections found, to generate interaction
  • Sending sequences and invitations to expand the commercial network quickly
  • Automatic article recommendation to increase engagement with the contacts obtained
  • Invitation of connections to follow the main page of the company

This tool is ideal for people who need to extend their connections within LinkedIn. For example, contacting heads of departments, directors, entrepreneurs and managers. In addition, it is perfect for those who have responsibilities in marketing or commercial areas.

Growth in current markets

Currently, the Techunting LinkedIn Robot has had extensive growth in Spanish and Latin American regions. In addition, it covers other markets in countries such as: USA, Canada, Russia and Estonia.

Although the launch of this resource is about 3 years old, the growth of current markets has evolved steadily.

This is because the main audiences have become more aware of the importance of the LinkedIn network; in terms of being a prospecting and relationship tool capable of promoting business objectives. Although the current audience is mostly Spanish-speaking, there is planning to cover the main markets in English. With this, and thanks to the Techunting LinkedIn Robot, relationships with people around the world can be improved.


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