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How To Incorporate AI Into App Development

With the rising popularity of mobile app development, an increasing number of developers are seeking to harness the capabilities of AI to craft more...

The Evolving Role of Documentation in Agile Development

What Is Agile Development? Agile Development is a unique approach to software development that emphasizes flexibility, collaboration, customer satisfaction, and efficiency. It breaks down the...

DAST vs. IAST: Key Differences and How to Choose

What Is DAST? DAST stands for dynamic application security testing. It is a type of security testing methodology used to identify security vulnerabilities, threats, and...

Jamie Thomas

Jamie Thomas Co-Founder & CEOTechnology, EntrepreneurLexington, SC, USA Listen to Jamie's Podcast! Jamie Thomas is the CEO and Co-Founder of Cognito Forms, and is the driving force...

How to Use AI to Solve Mobile App Development Challenges?

Nowadays, business owners have realized the true importance of develop a mobile app. More and more companies are now investing in mobile app development...

7 Biggest Mobile App Development Challenges in 2023

We now rely heavily on mobile applications in our daily lives. The demand for developing apps for iOS and Android devices is exploding. High-performance...


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