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8 Tips to Run More Effective Daily Standup Meetings

Daily standup meetings are a keystone of the scrum methodology. They can help team members address roadblocks and resolve them, strengthen the team’s shared...

Honson Tran

Honson Tran Embedded Software Engineer Emerging Tech, AI, DeFi New York, NY, USA Listen to Honson's Podcast! Honson Tran is a 25 year old computer scientist focused on technologies...

How to Achieve Improved Time to Value

Engineers and developers are under tremendous pressure to update and release new software on a regular basis, with the idea being the faster the...

Offering Accessibility Doesn’t Have to Be Tedious

When it comes to offering a digital space that is user-friendly and accessible, the pressure companies are facing is high. More than 1 billion...

You Don’t Need to be Nostradamus of Code to Solve Negative...

Do you know how much time your developers spend on defensive engineering-related tasks? The odds are it’s way higher than expected, and it’s only...

Code is Everyone’s Business

Nearly every company now produces software or applications to enable it to do business. That can include using software as an interface to customer...


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