Should I Upgrade My 3D Printer With Auto Bed Leveling?

3D printer and auto bed leveling

Manually leveling the Ender 3’s bed isn’t difficult, but it takes some time to get it just perfect, and I’ve discovered that the printer doesn’t stay level for more than a few prints. My Ender 3 has been a source of frustration for me. I can level it and print with it, but I’m having trouble keeping the initial layer stuck down the next time (or possibly the time after that). I researched the auto-leveling capabilities, installed the gadget, and am now ready to share the results with you. You’ll know whether you should upgrade your 3D printer with auto bed leveling by the end of this.

How Does Automatic Bed Leveling Work?

The concept behind bed leveling is that the printer understands exactly how far away the print head is from the machine. Either the print bed is completely level with the printer gantry, or the printer adjusts itself up or down to maintain the necessary space between the print head and the print bed as it moves across the surface.

Sensors in the automated bed leveler systems to achieve this awareness. The sensors attached to the printer’s print head descend to the print bed (preferably multiple times across its surface), recording the height at which the sensor detects the print bed. Installing this necessitates modifying the printer’s firmware to use the new sensor and adjust the printing once it gets the bed information. This auto-leveling feature allows for smoother prints, which is why 3D printing is often employed in product design.

Is the Kit Hard To Install?

A question people have when wondering if they should upgrade their 3D printer with auto bed leveling is if the kit installation is simple. It can be intimidating for people who are new to 3D printing. You’ll need to disassemble and reassemble various parts of your printer. This includes removing screws, inserting wiring clips to existing pins, and attaching a new sensor mount to your printer’s hot end.

Nothing is difficult; it’s time-consuming and meticulous. Some people become wary of the prospect of such chores. If you have the stomach for it, simply follow the steps one by one until you reach the end. If you follow the directions, successfully installing new software on the printer is easy!

What Are My Options?

There are two main possibilities for automatic bed leveling with the Ender 3. EZABL and BLTouch are their trade names, and I chose the BLTouch. You can find this auto bed leveling sensor kit on It appears to be a little less complex, but if you’re going to install it yourself, the ease of installation is a viable exchange for minor functionality gains. It is important to note that the EZABL employs scanners, while the BLTouch uses a mechanical prong to measure. Ensure your printer is compatible with an auto bed leveling sensor before upgrading it. Finding this information will most likely be easy to acquire by looking at the printer manufacturer’s website for support.


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