John Son Podcast Transcript

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John Son Podcast Transcript

John Son joins host Brian Thomas on The Digital Executive Podcast.

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Brian Thomas: Welcome to The Digital Executive. Today’s guest is John Son. John Son is the global marketing manager at DeepBrain AI. As a global marketing manager at DeepBrain AI, John has been pivotal in propelling AI technologies forward across diverse industries.

His proficiency in business development has And marketing offers a distinctive insight into harnessing AI’s potential to revolutionize modern banking practices, particularly in enhancing the role of bank tellers through virtual assistants.

Well, good afternoon, John. Welcome to the show!

John Son: Good afternoon. Thank you for having me today.

Brian Thomas: Absolutely, John. Appreciate you making the time today, hailing out of that Silicon Valley area in Northern California. I appreciate it. Really do have a lot of guests that have come out of that area. And it’s one of my passions is talking to some great and brilliant minds out of that area.

So, I appreciate it. And John, jumping right into your first question here. Let’s talk a little bit about your role as the global marketing manager at DeepBrain AI. Can you provide an overview of some of the most significant advancements in AI technology that your team has developed recently?

John Son: Well, DeepBrain AI is an AI adventure company pushing the boundary of how humans interact with AI.

We have recently introduced two exciting features, Instant Custom Avatar and Dream Avatar. With Instant Custom Avatar, you can create your own custom avatars using your webcam or by simply uploading a short video clip of yourself. It will have the looks and it will just sound like you. On the other hand, with Dream Avatar, you can create your own avatar using just an image of yourself.

These avatars can be immediately used into our AI Studios platform to create hyper realistic, AI generated video content.

Brian Thomas: That’s awesome. Thank you for breaking that apart for us. I know you guys do a lot of stuff around video and leveraging the power of AI. So, you can generate some really, really cool things. Been out to your website. I think it’s amazing what you’re all developing and there’s just so much to explore using your platform. Very cool. I love video as well.

So, John, how is DeepBrain AI revolutionizing modern banking practices, particularly through the use of virtual assistants? For bank tellers, can you maybe share some success stories or case studies

John Son: With our avatars, you can create a generated text to video contents. But as Brian, you just mentioned, if you add a language model to our avatar, it becomes conversational. This is why retail banking clients have been keen to work with us. We have launched customer-faced services with all of the top six banks in Korea. A notable example is KB Bank.

It’s Korea’s biggest bank. They launched our AI kiosk, embedding our AI avatars in their offline branches to work as the lobby leaders. This not only showcases the cool technology, but it also decreases the customer’s waiting times and increases the bank’s work efficiency and productivity. The KB Bank developed a three-step journey with our AI avatars, starting with the kiosks, then embedding the AI avatars in their mobile applications, and finally moving towards fully personalized mobile banking using our AI bankers.

Brian Thomas: Really love that, you know, we’ve seen this just in the last couple of years, how people of businesses in particular have taken advantage of leveraging the power of AI to again, apply that in your case here, virtual tellers or virtual assistants, which again, can handle about 99 percent of those customer facing calls or interactions, which is awesome.

It frees up real humans to do some of that higher critical thinking work. So, I appreciate you highlighting that. And john, where do you see the future of A. I. In the banking industry heading and how is deep brain A. I. Preparing to stay at the forefront of these developments

John Son: Building on K. B. Banks three step strategy. We see a future where AI Driven solutions become integral to personalized banking experiences. The first step with kiosks has already been improved branch operations. The second step involves integrating avatars into their mobile application, making banking more accessible and efficient. The final step is moving towards is a fully personalized mobile banking experience using our AI bankers.

This will enable banks to offer tailored services to each customer, improving user experience and operational efficiency as well.

Brian Thomas: Thank you. I appreciate you highlighting some of the advancements that you’re working on with AI in the banking industry. I think it’s awesome. And we’re only going to see some really cool things coming out of this, especially with the competitive landscape that we’re seeing today with the release of open AI and chat GPT.

So, John, last question of the day, beyond banking in what other industries do you see the most potential for AI driven transformation and what role is deep brain AI playing in these areas?

John Son: Besides banking, we see significant potential in the education sector. Our technology is not only applicable to customer facing industries, but also actively used in education.

In the K 12 education market, our AI studios are being used as a learning tool to increase familiarity with AI technology. For universities, especially with the rise of online learning, our avatars are being used to create engaging content. Recently, Korea’s largest cyber university, the online universities, what we call cyber universities in Korea, adopted our technology to assist professors in delivering lectures.

However, the corporate education market is where we see the most interest. Our avatars offer advantages in cost, time, and manpower by providing efficient learning solutions, handling vast amounts of educational content, and delivering it efficiently to employees.

Brian Thomas: Thank you. I think that’s amazing, the things that you’ve highlighted with your technology, being able to bring some of this again, customer facing technologies to free up a lot of the human capital, the work that they’re doing to focus on higher level and critical tasks.

So, thank you for that, John. And John, it was such a pleasure having you on today. And I look forward to speaking with you real soon.

John Son: Thank you for having me. I’ve enjoyed our conversation and look forward to our next one.

Brian Thomas: Bye for now.

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