John Son

Headshot of Global Marketing Manager John Son

John Son

Global Marketing
Technology, AI, Entrepreneur
San Francisco, CA, USA

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John Son is the Global Marketing Manager at DeepBrain AI.

As the Global Marking Manager at DeepBrain AI, John Son has been pivotal in propelling AI technologies forward across diverse industries. His proficiency in business development and marketing offers a distinctive insight into harnessing AI’s potential to revolutionize modern banking practices, particularly in enhancing the role of bank tellers through virtual assistants.

DeepBrain AI

Create AI-generated videos quickly using simple text. Support Multi Language TTS with Metahuman. Talk to Realistic AI Avatar.

Innovative, Human-Focused AI Technology
We live in a world where humans and technology continuously interact with each other. A new environment centered on people and technology requires a change in perception.

At DeepBrain, they believe that artificial intelligence can help focus and accelerate the growth of every talented individual. Technology can never replace people, but rather assist them to focus on maximizing their personal capabilities. DeepBrain only exists to advance the quality of human life by creating user-friendly AI systems.

Synthetic Media, Video Synthesis, Artificial Human, Conversational AI, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, ai video generator, and generative AI

John Son is also featured on our premiere Features Page, and you can read his podcast interview transcript.


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