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Norman Happ

Norman Happ CEO Technology, Entrepreneur San Francisco, CA, USA Listen to Norman's Podcast! Norman Happ is EZ Texting's CEO. Previously, he was at Evernote since 2016 as Senior Vice...

How Text Works Through Work-From-Anywhere Messaging Clutter

Remote work has been making forward progress for years, and in just a matter of months the corona virus pandemic has accelerated the adoption,...

5 Issues in Deploying 5G: Solutions for Telecom Service Providers

Widespread deployment of 5G brings with it the promise of a network of connectivity with greatly improved latency and downtime. To reach full 5G...

Sean Shahini

Sean Shahini CEO Telecommunication San Francisco, CA USA Sean's Podcast! Sean Shahini is the founder and CEO of Inorsa, a telecom engineering services company focused on accelerating 5G deployments...

Ecommerce and Mobile Platforms

An innovation is an idea, practice or object that has taken root in society and is perceived to be new or created a new...


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