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Self-Assessment, Self-Change at Scale, with Tech

Seeking assistance for daily challenges no longer necessitates relying solely on therapists, thanks to the prevalence of technology-driven methodologies aimed at transforming the mindsets...

The 6 Best Games to Help You Unwind: Relax and Play

Not everything has to be a task to accomplish. It's hard to realize this fundamental truth when everything around requires constant attention - but...

The Tools I Wish I’d Had Growing Up

Sonny Thadani shares how he created NYC-based edtech standout Robin so kids today have the tools he wishes he would’ve had growing up for...

Sonny Thadani

Sonny Thadani Co-Founder & CEOEntrepreneur, Health, Well-beingNew York, NY, USA Listen to Sonny's Podcast! Sonny Thadani is the co-founder and CEO of Robin. Seven years ago, Sonny Thadani...

Achieving Mental Wellness Through the Power of Music

Even before the pandemic, renewed attention to mental health and wellness has been a priority across businesses and consumers alike. With a growing list...

A Veterans’ Path to a Technology-Driven PTSD Solution

It’s challenging to define what smart city technology actually looks like when living in the forefront of an Information Technology (IT) age. But understanding...


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