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Ways That 3D Printing Helps Us Explore Space

It’s startling to think that something we can own at home—a 3D printer—is also used on an immense scale to expand our...

3D Printing: The Technology That Will Change the Way You Live

Bill Gates was clear in his vision right from Microsoft’s infancy in the 1970s. His plan to put “a computer on every...

Ian Wilding

Ian Wilding Founder & Managing Partner Technology, Entrepreneur Los Angeles, CA, USA Listen to Ian's Podcast! Ian Wilding, is the Founder and Managing Partner at Hangar 75, one of...

How Ball Screws Are Used in 3D Printing

In recent years, 3D printing has become increasingly popular and ubiquitous in our society. 3D printing is a complex technology, and many...

Differences Between a CNC Machine and a 3D Printer

Have you ever wondered about CNC machines and 3D printers? While not many people are all that familiar with CNC machines, almost...

What the Future of 3D Printing Holds

The word “revolutionary” has been used so often in commercials that it’s lost all meaning, just when a technology comes along that...


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