Ian Wilding

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Ian Wilding

Founder & Managing Partner
Technology, Entrepreneur
Los Angeles, CA, USA

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Ian Wilding is the Founder and Managing Partner of Hangar 75, one of the fastest-growing venture factories in the US focused on originating and executing ideas where there is a clear demand for acquisition from across their established corporate network.

Ian Wilding has over 20 years of digital experience advising global corporations and start-ups on venture ideation and execution strategy.

Ian is a former executive committee member of the UK government committee on digital financial services provision for children. The founder of System Minds, a digital strategy consultancy, sold in 2010 to a private equity group and Founder of Radical Company was voted top 5 ‘Ones to Watch’ global digital agency for client effectiveness.

As an experienced industry professional with over 25 years of expertise, I have earned a reputation as a thought leader and trusted advisor to global corporations across Europe, Asia, and North America. My varied background in entrepreneurship, board experience, and government involvement has equipped me with a diverse skillset that enables me to add value to organizations and individuals.

Throughout my career, Ian has been driven by his passion for identifying opportunities with the potential for significant value creation and implementing execution strategies that accelerate the path to success. He has been fortunate to have founded several ventures and global technology and innovation agencies, which he successfully sold between 2001 and 2022.

In addition to my entrepreneurial pursuits, I have also served on several boards and sat on a UK government committee focused on improving the provision and relevance of financial products for underserved communities. This experience has given me a unique perspective on the importance of financial inclusion and how it can lead to a more equitable society.

Currently, Ian Wilding leads Hangar 75, a global venture accelerator and venture fund based in Southern California. Their purpose is to accelerate the growth trajectory of their portfolio while providing investment vehicles for corporations, funds, HNWs, and family offices to optimize their capital allocations into idea, start-up, and growth-stage ventures.

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