Warren McCrickard

Headshot of Executive Director Warren McCrickard

Warren McCrickard

Executive Director
Non-Profit, Leadership
Richmond, VA, USA

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Warren McCrickard is the Executive Director of Boys to Men Mentoring Network of Virginia.

In his two years at Boys to Men, he’s helped the organization grow from three school districts to seven while also growing their participants from around 200 to over 500 young men. His background is in for-profit sales & marketing working in various industries including film, flooring, recreational marine, retail and adult living. In each, he rose quickly to leadership ranks.

Warren McCrickard loves the diversity of his work experience as each position has been a stair step to the next and offered insight into marketing and sales strategies. He spent seven years in Los Angeles working at Paramount, DreamWorks and Summit (now Lionsgate). He spent seven years in Chattanooga, Tennessee working in the recreational marine industry and two years in Atlanta, Georgia working for his wife’s Health Tech start-up, Motivo. He is excited to be home and to apply his 15+ years of corporate experience to the non-profit sector while learning and growing in this new role for Boys to Men.

Warren is a native of Richmond and graduate of Hermitage High. He’s been married 16 years to his wonderful wife Rachel. They have two Boston Terrier pups and seven nieces & nephews. His non-work passions are gardening, indoor plants, records and film.

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