Terrence Sims

Headshot of Terrence Sims

Terrence Sims

President of Strategic Growth & Marketing
Healthcare, Technology
Riverside, CA, USA

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Terrence Sims is the President of Strategic Growth & Marketing for Raintree, a career healthcare technology and operations executive.

Terrence Sims has more nearly 30 years of senior leadership experience in both early-stage and Fortune 500 environments.

Terrence Sims joined Raintree Systems in 2007 as Chief Operating Officer and currently serves as the President of Strategic Growth & Marketing.

Raintree Systems

Managing your therapy and rehab practice is a time-consuming process. You spend hours on paperwork, billing, scheduling, and more. Raintree’s Therapy  & Rehab EHR is here to help you manage your practice more efficiently. With their all-in-one solution, you’ll get the tools you need to streamline your therapy and rehab practice, improve patient care, and get back to doing what you love.

Raintree’s electronic medical records solution is the most comprehensive and user-friendly EMR on the market.

As the leading EMR for therapy and rehab, our all-in-one solution includes automated patient engagement, powerful revenue cycle management and billing in addition to flexible business intelligence. Schedule a free discovery call today!

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