Tapan Bhatt

Headshot photo of Tapan Bhatt

Tapan Bhatt

Chief Executive Officer
Data Science, Artificial Intelligence
Kansas City, KS USA

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Offering a unique blend of leadership, technology experience and business acumen, Tapan has over 17 years of experience in developing technology products and facilitating growth in start-up ventures. He has worked on both the coasts with a number of successful venture capital backed high-tech startups and serial entrepreneurs.

Tapan founded TeraCrunch with a vision of helping enterprises make data-backed decisions, by offering tailored analytics solutions that provide an order of magnitude better results over all other options. As Founder and CEO of TeraCrunch, Tapan is responsible for the company’s strategic direction, growth and building the best data science organization in the world.

Prior to founding TeraCrunch, he played various leadership roles in successful technology startups. He served as a Vice President at ROAM (acquired by Ingenico), Vice President at AisleBuyer (acquired by Intuit), Director at Motricity (IPO in 2010, NASDAQ: MOTR) and Executive Director at Amobee Media Systems (acquired by SingTel). Tapan has earned an MBA in Marketing from Avila University and has a degree in Electrical Engineering from K.K.Wagh College of Engineering. He is a passionate tennis & soccer player, where he continues to learn hard work, self-denial, dedication, sacrifice and team play.


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