Rich Theil

Headshot of Rich Theil

Rich Theil

Chief Executive Officer
Technology, Consulting
Cincinnati, OH, USA

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Rich helps businesses increase revenue by connecting leadership’s goals to the day-to-day work of technology teams. He’s dedicated his work at The Noble Foundry to helping businesses adopt more empowering and collaborative ways of working. Prior to starting The Noble Foundry, Rich spent 12 years as CIO for a large, scrappy, and aggressive non-profit in Cincinnati. Additionally, Rich spent seven years at P&G in Information Technology.

As a fast-moving, strategic leader, Rich brings value through unique business insight that bridges the gap between business and technology strategy. Rich believes that the organizations who learn to think software-first will win, while companies that fail to make the switch begin their slow decline.

Rich is married to Angie and together they have three older teens.


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