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Sara Kyle PhD

Sara Kyle, PhD Founder & Principle Healthcare, Entrepreneur Orlando, FL, USA Listen to Sara's Podcast! Sara Kyle, Ph.D. is the Founder and Principle for LE3 Solutions, and has spent...

Aaron Bock

Aaron Bock Managing Partner Technology, Entrepreneur Charlotte, NC, USA Listen to Aaron's Podcast! Aaron Bock is the Managing Partner for Opkalla. Opkalla was started because Aaron and his partners...

Clara Angotti

Clara Angotti Co-Founder & President Technology, Entrepreneur Toronto, Ontario, Canada Listen to Clara's Podcast! Clara Angotti is the Co-founder and President for Next Pathway, and has over 25 years...

Dan Roberts

Dan Roberts Chief Executive Officer Technology, Consulting Boston, MA, USA Listen to Dan's Podcast! Dan Roberts has authored and is a contributing author of numerous books. His latest, Unleashing...

Rich Theil

Rich Theil Chief Executive Officer Technology, Consulting Cincinnati, OH, USA Listen to Rich's Podcast! Rich helps businesses increase revenue by connecting leadership's goals to the day-to-day work of technology...

Mike Morgan

Mike Morgan CEO Technology Oklahoma City, OK, USA Coming Podcast! Mike lives by the mantra, “Wherever life takes you, love the journey.” He has spent his professional life working...


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