Rahul Subramaniam

Headshot of CEO Rahul Subramaniam

Rahul Subramaniam

Chief Executive Officer
Technology, Entrepreneur
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Rahul Subramaniam is the CEO of DevGraph. Referred by his team as the “AWS Mythbuster” and creator of the cloud cost optimization software, CloudFix, Rahul is one of the premier champions of AWS services and the innovation they provide the business world. Rahul has seen the need for improved cloud management and CloudOps since 2007 when he started moving companies to AWS servers, bringing a large swath of the corporate world to the cloud.

Alongside championing AWS to companies moving to the cloud, he continues to push AWS to its limits, conducting unbelievable experiments on AWS products and services in order to determine what AWS needs to be what Rahul knows it will be: the operating system of the future, negating the need for a multi-cloud strategy.


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