Prateek Joshi

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Prateek Joshi

Founder & CEO
Technology, AI,
Silicon Valley, CA, USA

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Prateek Joshi is the Founder and CEO of Plutoshift, a startup with locations in Palo Alto, CA and Denver, CO .

He is a published author of 13 books on Artificial Intelligence, and his tech blog has more than 7,500 followers. Apart from Artificial Intelligence, some of his passions are number theory, cryptography, and quantum computing. His greater goal is to make Artificial Intelligence accessible to everyone so that it can impact billions of people around the world.

Full Bio
Email: prateek[at]

Prateek Joshi

Prateek is an ardent sports fan and enjoy football, F1, and tennis. He’s come to admire Lionel Messi and Rafael Nadal, and is amazed by their athletic prowess, ruthless consistency, and genuine sportsmanship. Prateek is a cinephile with a penchant for Neo-Noir, Spaghetti Westerns, and Jidaigeki movies.

Company Overview:
Plutoshift is the leader in data intelligence for industrial processes. The company’s cloud-based solution offers real-time tracking of process metrics and proactive management of resources for manufacturing businesses. Plutoshift’s Grounded AI technology transforms passive legacy monitoring systems to active performance monitoring in industries like water, food, beverage, brewing, chemicals, and energy. This enables operators to automatically monitor critical processes and have access to actionable information in real-time. Plutoshift has offices in Palo Alto and Denver.

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