Niclas Gyllenram

Headshot of Co-Founder and CEO Niclas Gyllenram

Niclas Gyllenram

Co-Founder & CEO
Technology, Entrepreneur, Automotive
Palo Alto, CA, USA

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Niclas Gyllenram is the co-founder and CEO of AiDEN Automotive.

Niclas Gyllenram is an expert in software development and Android Automotive with 20 years of experience from in-vehicle and cloud development, both as a Tier1 supplier and as an OEM. Gyllenram co-founded AiDEN Automotive in 2021 to revolutionize how vehicles can be truly connected with other vehicles, infrastructure and service providers to offer a completely new, connected vehicle experience. Before AiDEN, Gyllenram spent seven years at Volvo Cars where he built up the internal software development teams, and as Head of Infotainment Platform development, he started and led the development of the world’s first Android Automotive based infotainment systems that launched in 2020.

Gyllenram has also held leading executive and engineering positions at Mitsubishi Electric, Mercedes, Jaguar and Land Rover, all focused on delivering infotainment solutions. As a System Architect at Ericsson, Gyllenram built their first Connected Car Cloud Solution that was delivered to Volvo Cars.

Gyllenram has a Master of Science in Computer Engineering, and has been coding since he was nine years old. His first computer was a Luxor ABC 802. Gyllenram is based in Palo Alto, CA.


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