Nic McKinley

Headshot of Founder Nic McKinley

Nic McKinley

Founder & Chairman
Technology, Entrepreneur
Whitefish, MT, USA

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Nic McKinley is the Founder and Chairman of DeliverFund.

Nic McKinley is an entrepreneur, former military special operator, and ex-CIA operative who founded and led two multimillion-dollar tech companies. A pioneer in building technical solutions to protect society from predators, Nic is passionate about solving society’s most pressing issues through cost-effective technical solutions.

Nic grew up in Montana but left to join US military special operations as a US Air Force Pararescueman. After more than a decade in Pararescue, Nic worked in private intelligence start-ups before being recruited into a specialized unit at the Central Intelligence Agency that provided unique capabilities and expertise in response to the critical operational needs of the Intelligence Community.

With 30 combat deployments under his belt in both Special Operations and the CIA, Nic experienced the power of technology during the Global War on Terror and set out to use his skills and training with that experience to combat modern slavery.

In 2014, Nic founded DeliverFund, the only donor-funded solution to human trafficking that delivers proprietary data and technology to law enforcement, allowing them to take down human traffickers effectively. Along with DeliverFund, Nic founded a venture capital-backed software company and has a technology leadership consulting practice.

Despite being dubbed “The Real Jack Ryan” by VICE Media, Nic’s most important role is as a husband and father leading his family in a life of service and adventure in Montana. When he is not in his office, Nic can be found on a lake, on the ski slopes, camping, climbing vertical rock or ice in the mountains, with his nose in a book learning something new, or spending downtime with his extraordinary wife.

Nic holds multiple degrees, one of which is a Bachelor of Liberal Arts from Harvard University.

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