Mike Van Thielen

Headshot of Medical Director Mike Van Thielen

Mike Van Thielen, PhD

Medical Director, Founder
Health, Coaching, Entrepreneur
Daytona Beach, FL, USA

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Dr. Mike Van Thielen is a PhD. Holistic Nutrition, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Certified in homeopathy and also the Medical Director at ClariGenZ Health, an innovative medical company with a new pill providing all the benefits of Adderall without any of the harmful side effects.

Best-selling author of Access 2 Success book focused on optimizing productivity and focus and creating a stress-free life. Founder of Health Freedom Movement, he is also a treating physician for Boston Neuro Pain and Psych Centers, helping tens of thousands of patients with chronic pain and mental health conditions and has over 3 decades involvement with best optimal health practices, anti-aging and regenerative medicine, sports performance, supplementation, and biohacking strategies.

  • Bestselling Author – his latest book The IZOD Method – Unleash Your Superpower, shares innovative tips and strategies to optimize productivity and focus, free up valuable time, live stress-free, and upgrade body and mind.
  • TEDx speaker and Keynote/inspirational speaker who has shared the stage with celebrities such as Les Brown, Darren Hardy, Brian Tracy, Dr. Fab Mancini, Nick Vujicic, Dr. Mercola, Del Bigtree,
    Mirela Sula and many others.
  • Over 3 decades involvement with best optimal health practices, anti-aging and regenerative medicine, sports performance, nutrition and supplementation, and biohacking strategies. He is a
    mentor and coach, helping people regain control of their health and perform at their highest potential.
  • Assistant coach and therapist for the Belgian Olympic swim team for the Olympic Games in Atlanta. Dr. Mike himself is an All American and is a current World Record Holder in swimming. He also
    holds 31 U.S. National Titles and 2 YMCA National records. He is a proud member of the exclusive WSA – World Sports Alumni.
  • Entrepreneur with proven track record of establishing and developing successful business operations. Dr. Mike owned several anti-aging clinics in central and northeast Florida and was the
    CEO of an innovative stem cell clinic, treating top athletes including NFL players and heavyweight boxing champions.

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