Miika Mäkitalo

Headshot of CEO Miika Mäkitalo

Miika Mäkitalo

Chief Executive Officer
Tech, Analytics, Customer Experience
Tampere, Finland

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Miika Mäkitalo is the CEO at HappyOrNot.

Prior to this, they worked at Guidin, Teknologiateollisuus – Technology Industries of Finland, Tampere University, Microsoft, and HappyOrNot. Miika has also been the Chair of ICT Committee at Tampereen kauppakamari, and a Board Member in Advisory Board at Tampere University of Technology. Mäkitalo has over 10 years of experience in leadership roles, including Chief Operating Officer / President of EMEA at M-Files Corporation and Transport Director at Finnish Transport Agency.

Miika Mäkitalo has a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering and Management from the Tampere University of Technology, where they also received their M.Sc. in the same field. Miika also has a certification from the M-Files Corporation in Certified M-Files User and M-Files Certified System Configurator, level 1.

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