Sam Zheng

Headshot of CEO Sam Zheng

Sam Zheng

Co-Founder & CEO
Tech, Manufacturing, Entrepreneur
Princeton, NJ, USA

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Sam Zheng, CEO and Co-Founder of DeepHow, spearheads a rapidly evolving startup, backed by esteemed investors. DeepHow revolutionizes skilled workforce training with an innovative, AI-powered, video-centric knowledge capturing and transfer platform.

Prior to DeepHow, Sam Zheng dedicated over a decade to Siemens, driving digital innovation across various industries. His noteworthy projects, such as the Cloud Digital Inspection Jacket, have significantly improved technical knowledge sharing, efficiency, and user experience, earning his team the prestigious Siemens Innovation Award.

Simultaneously, Sam serves as an Adjunct Professor of Psychology at Tsinghua University and holds a Ph.D. in Engineering Psychology and a Master’s in Statistics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


DeepHow is an award-winning AI-powered, video-centric platform for skilled workforce training. AI underpins the entire DeepHow platform to successfully digitize and transfer know-how 10x faster and 40% more effectively. DeepHow bridges the gap between process documentation and skills management and up-skilling, helping enterprise organizations meet future workforce readiness goals.

In 2018, DeepHow was founded by a team of ex-Siemens innovation leaders and experts who saw an unmet need to transfer knowledge in the skilled trades labor market. Since those early days, they’ve expanded our reach across sites, countries, and continents as they empower tomorrow’s workforce with the leading AI technology of today.

Sam Zheng is also featured on our premiere Features Page, and you can read his podcast interview transcript.


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