Leonardo De Aguiar

Headshot of Founder and CEO Leonardo De Aguiar

Leonardo De Aguiar

Founder & CEO
Technology, Entrepreneur
Denver, CO, USA

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Leonardo De Aguiar is the Founder and CEO of INTUEAT.

Leonardo De Aguiar is a young, innovative Entrepreneur and Business Owner. He grew up with a family that is deeply rooted in business. They instilled the values of hard work, dedication and the desire to contribute to society positively. As the Founder & CEO of INTUEAT INCORPORATED, Leo has spent the last three years building a Food & Beverage brand in Denver, Colorado. Additionally, INTUEAT has now expanded into South Florida, Atlanta and Dallas, with plans to expand into more cities in the near future.

INTUEAT is an innovative digital marketplace connecting high-end private chefs and hospitality professionals to diners who want fine dining on-demand. Leonardo leads a small team of highly skilled and talented individuals who are assisting him in the expansion of INTUEAT to the national stage, as well as successfully closing funding rounds to ensure the viability of the company. Leonardo was Brazilian-born and now resides in Denver.


Established in 2019, INTUEAT is an innovative luxury brand & digital marketplace that provides discerning diners access to an elite portfolio of hand-selected private chefs who are passionate about providing bespoke in-home culinary experiences. At INTUEAT, they know there is no better place to create lasting memories with family and friends than around your own dining table. Regardless of size or occasion, every INTUEAT experience is cultivated to be the bedrock upon which unforgettable moments are built. The driving force behind their success is devotion to exemplary customer service and precise execution in every client interaction. Founded by Leonardo De Aguiar.

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