Karim Chaib

Headshot of Founder Karim Chaib

Karim Chaib

Founder & CEO
Tech, Web3, Entrepreneur
Zug, Switzerland

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Karim Chaib, founder of Web3intelligence.com and the architect behind the groundbreaking super app Dopamine, is a serial entrepreneur and a pivotal figure in shaping ETF and digital asset infrastructure components of major banks such as UBS, BBVA, Sygnum and world leader core banking system Avaloq.

His expertise extends to pioneering the integration of open banking and artificial intelligence technologies in collaboration with IBM. Under Karim’s leadership, Web3intelligence.com has emerged as a premier web3 platform, offering an intuitive app that not only caters to everyday consumers but also engages children through gamified learning of seed phrases. The platform also powers Dopamine.tv, and their innovative $DOPE token serves as a licensing model, setting a global standard in AML and driving web3 innovation across various businesses. Karim’s notable contributions include leading teams of world-renowned cryptographers, such as Gennaro, Goldfeder, Paillier, Goubin, and DEFI guru Andre Cronje, further cementing his status as a visionary in the field.

About Dopamine

A blend of AI and compliance infrastructure with super app capabilities, deployed primarily on Solana before expanding to a multichain ecosystem, which gives you the power to manage all your wallets, all your centralized and decentralized exchanges with the latest AI and compliance advancement. You can connect your banks and participate in launchpads, RWA and much more. Dopamine token is license token for the app but also for banks and exchanges to access all the API and source code that is built by web3intelligence.com

About Web3Intelligence

Is an established a robust team of 30 skilled professionals, with technical experts recognized as the best in banking across Asia and Europe, including award-winning innovators in the sector. The team members have experience at Microsoft, IBM, UBS, and numerous other top-tier organizations. They also boast top product managers, reinforcing our technical and managerial strength. Their first developers include people like Andre Cronje (DeFi legend), Gennaro Goldfeder, and Pascal Paillier, world-renowned cryptographers. Their head of design is an ex-Google and Porsche employee who brings simplified and exceptional UI/UX experience to help onboard billions of users.

Karim Chaib is also featured on our premiere Features Page, and you can read his podcast interview transcript.


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