Justin Fockler

Headshot photo of Justin Fockler

Justin  Fockler

Chief Innovation Officer
UAV Technology
Kansas City, KS USA

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Justin Fockler’s professional life began at the age 5 discovering he could build complex structures from any material put in front of him. By age ten he had disassembled the Nintendo and received his first order to repair or be grounded. Ultimately, Justin had moved onto larger operating systems with Windows 3.1, and 95 being those introductions. By eighteen he had figured out also how to use music manipulation tools with the computer, beat boxes, synthesizers, and eventually guitar. This led Justin to discover a more creative side of himself, which still plays into the character that he is today, by finding a constant friendship between rhythm, technology, and flight – he had found his “Drone”.

A perfect merger of ideas in which there is an unlimited desire for innovation, and there is no top to the ceiling at all, there is no reach of imagination we cannot achieve with a drone. Even virtual reality is being affected by drones and how they integrate it. More money will enter Drone Racing in a few short years than has ever entered football and soccer. With every single person on the planet having an option to be a “physical” player, this changes gaming forever. No latency, 5g racing. Justin leaves you with that idea, and this is who he has become as an innovator – someone who is proud to burn the candle on all 23 sides. “Sometimes the best clarity is out of focus.”

Justin’s life offer: Customer Support Solutions to Network Engineer to Musician to Producer to Inventor to FAA Registered UAV Pilot to (FULL CIRCLE repeat) Customer Support Solutions.



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