Marcel Bagrin

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Marcel Bagrin

Web Designer, Developer
Digital Media
Chisinau, Moldova

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Marcel Bagrin is a web designer / CRO consultant in the market since 2009. His clientele consists mostly of mortgage companies, real estate investors and law firms.

Young and passionate in everything digital, he has been able to gather expertise in areas not limited to website creation. Successfully launched and managed AdWords campaigns for his clients, created banners which later on have been used in print campaigns and edited illustration videos to help expand his side projects.

As of 2017, Marcel seeks to apply his skills to other industries. As a result, he has been using email cold outreach to discover new opportunities for collaborations. One of his cold emails has been featured on the podcast as a successful example of using email as a lead generation tool. This encouraged him to research more on this topic which seems applicable in many ways, even real life.

While working on client projects, Marcel uses these tools:
WordPress + Elementor: Web design
Lemlist: Cold email Cold email + mail verification
Adobe Creative Cloud: graphic design LinkedIn Outreach

Always happy to meet growth-minded people. Meet him on LinkedIn.

Currently, he runs his personal consultant business at and his side project at – a web design company focused on therapists.


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