John Gomez

Headshot of President John Gomez

John Gomez

International Business, Consulting
Miami, FL, USA

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John Gomez is the President of the Institute for Science, Entrepreneurship and Investments and Vice President of RevExpo Consulting. He also serves as the Vice President of GCPIT Global Impact Startups (Global Council for The International Trade).

As a passionate digital advocate, John William Gomez is a member of the Government Blockchain Association’s Smart City Working Group and the Leader of the Education Working Group. Furthermore, he is dedicated to elevating and accomplishing the missions of The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, as well as leading the Miami Junior Chamber International Chapter.

He recently pursued a UN Diplomacy Certification Course offered by the London School and is an alumni of Harvard University, Cornell University, and MIT where he earned his disruptive strategy, innovation and design thinking executive Certifications.

He is currently an ABD Doctoral Degree Candidate in Arts and Literature at the Illinois University and holds a post-graduate degree in Healthcare Informatics and Analytics. As a globalist and futurist, John William Gomez is involved in numerous digital advocacy projects that leverage emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, next generation computing and extended or virtual reality. He is a US born, native Venezuelan who is actively engaged in growing the Miami entrepreneurship ecosystem by forging strategic partnerships.


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