Jennifer Keable

Headshot of High Performance Coach Jennifer Keable

Jennifer Keable

High Performance Coach & Founder
Coach, Entrepreneur
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Jennifer Keable is the High Performance & Fulfillment Strategist of The New You Mindset & Life Coaching Corp.

Jennifer Keable, a dedicated Fulfillment Strategist & Coach, empowers women leaders and teams to unlock their professional potential. With her expertise, clients achieve remarkable results and experience transformative growth

Through Jennifer’s guidance, clients break free from self-imposed limitations, embracing new challenges and opportunities for professional development. They develop unwavering self-confidence, recognizing their worth and attributing their successes to their own efforts and skills.

The outcomes are clear and impactful. Clients perform at their highest potential, bringing authenticity and focus to their work. They become more productive, efficient, and effective, delivering improved performance and outcomes. Freed from self-doubt and distractions, they embrace challenges and seize new opportunities fearlessly.

Jennifer’s coaching enhances their professional success and personal well-being by reducing anxiety, stress, and self-criticism. Clients experience a greater sense of satisfaction and fulfillment in their work, appreciating their achievements without feeling undeserving. They find joy and purpose in their careers, and their professional relationships flourish as they radiate confidence and authenticity.

With Jennifer Keable’s guidance, women leaders thrive authentically, fulfilling their professional aspirations and unlocking their true potential. The results are tangible and transformative, propelling clients to new heights of success.

As a sought-after workshop facilitator, 1:1 and group coach and event speaker, Jennifer shares her transformative insights, helping individuals, audiences and corporate teams achieve undeniable impact. For those ready to live their most effective and fulfilling life, reach out to Jennifer at jennifer[at] and explore the possibilities of a transformed existence.

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