Jeff Mike

Headshot of Jeff Mike

Jeff Mike

Vice President & Head of Research & Insights
Human Capital, Tech
Dallas, TX, USA

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Jeff Mike is Head of Insights and Impact at Flextrack. Jeff brings over 15 years of experience leading HR functions to generate actionable knowledge through research and sensing.

Jeff Mike joined Deloitte Human Capital in 2022, and led our High-Impact HR research. His current efforts focus on driving Human Capital research to address the most pressing questions facing the people side of business, and to promote agency, collaboration, and innovation in the workplace.

Jeff Mike’s professional purpose has always focused on:
* Tapping into internal motivations that help people do their best while enjoying their work.
* Creating spaces for them to learn and grow.
* Connecting them with networks and opportunities where they can thrive.

Current priorities include:
* Elevating the extended workforce as a source of high-impact, on-demand talent and a way to grow a rewarding career.
* Navigating disruption and the AI transformation with workforce planning and agile organizations.

Prior to joining Deloitte, Jeff Mike was Head of Human Capital for a public policy research and consulting firm based in Maryland, and a faculty member in Human Resources Development in Morocco. Jeff holds an MS in OD and Strategic HR from Johns Hopkins University, and a doctorate in Human and Organizational Learning from The George Washington University.

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