Chris Piche

Headshot of Founder and CEO Chris Piche

Chris Piche

Founder & CEO
Technology, Entrepreneur
Dubai, UAE

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Chris Piche is the Founder of Smarter AI, the leader in AI cameras and enablement software.

Chris Piche is a computer scientist and technology entrepreneur. Born and raised in Canada, he is an expert in distributed networking, scalable video, and computer vision technologies.

Chris Piche has developed technologies and products, including AT&T TV, BlackBerry Video, Polycom Video, and STUN/TURN/ICE. He has also been awarded Best of Internet World, Canada’s Top Young Leader, and Top 40 under 40.

About Smarter AI:

Smarter AI is an enablement software platform for AI cameras that see, listen, and understand. Because each use case requires unique AI models, Smarter AI cameras:

▪ Download AI models like apps on a phone, are
▪ Supported by AI Store, our growing ecosystem of AI models and developers, to
▪ Enable any camera network with precision AI for trusted data and decisions.

Our ambitious plan is to become the world’s biggest camera company by transforming a series of markets over time, beginning with transportation – the fastest-growing camera market. Our vehicle cameras and computer vision solutions will leverage the Smarter AI platform to eliminate traffic collisions and congestion for safer transportation and smarter cities..

Chris Piche is also featured on our premiere Features Page, and you can read his podcast interview transcript.


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