Bruce Blausen

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Bruce Blausen

Founder and CEO
Medical & Scientific Animation
Houston, TX USA

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Bruce Blausen, Founder and CEO, holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Bachelor of Art degree from Pennsylvania State University. He earned his Master of Arts in Medical and Biological Illustration from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in 1984. In 1991, he founded Blausen Medical after recognizing the growing commercial and educational need for more accessible methods of illustrating and animating medical processes and functions. Today, Blausen Medical makes its extensive library content, consisting of over 1,800 topics, available for multiple platforms. The award-winning animation library is now viewed in every country in the world and has been translated in over 21 languages.

Blausen’s latest endeavor includes developing educational Virtual Reality (VR) apps using the extensive stock library. The Blausen team consists of highly-skilled individuals with diverse backgrounds and years of experience in their respective fields of biomedical visualization, 3D animation, business and healthcare. Clients include leading multinational organizations in numerous markets such as pharmaceutical, healthcare, higher education, medical device manufacturing, publishing and many others.

Blausen’s company and its products have received over 40 honors, including the 2018 Platinum Award for Best Interactive and Best Overall Internet Site in the eHealthcare Leadership Awards. Blausen Medical has also been honored with numerous Web Health Awards and with an ABBY Award from the Adaptive Business Leaders Organization, for developing innovations that reduce the cost of quality healthcare. In 2014, Mr. Blausen was a recipient of the prestigious Penn State Alumni Fellow Award. His philanthropic efforts are extensive and include gifting the use of the Blausen library to The Pennsylvania State University, The University of Texas as well as The Health Museum in Houston, TX.

Houston-based Blausen Medical Communications, Inc., is the developer and owner of the world’s largest library of 3D medical animations. Known for their high standard of excellence in scientific and medical accuracy, Blausen creates masterpieces that explain difficult concepts with exceptional clarity.


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