Brant Herman

Headshot of Founder and CEO Brant Herman

Brant Herman

Founder & CEO
Technology, Entrepreneur
Metuchen, NJ, USA

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Brant Herman is the Founder and CEO of MouthWatch, LLC, a company dedicated to improving dental care through innovative virtual care, teledentistry, and dental imaging solutions.

As a successful entrepreneur, Brant Herman has continuously developed products that disrupt the status quo across a range of industries.

Growing up in a family of dentists, Brant’s eyes were wide open to opportunities for enhancing care delivery. As a non-dentist, he also knew he would have to do it “without a drill” and in a way that would benefit the greatest number of patients across all practice types.

Recognizing the increasing demands of today’s busy patients, the need for greater efficiency in healthcare, and the proven connection between good oral health and total health, Brant Herman recently led the development of Dentistry.One, a first of its kind virtual-first care network. From on-demand dental consultations to patient support, care coordination, and oral health coaching, Dentistry.One is another MouthWatch solution built to improve the patient experience.

The development of Dentistry.One follows more than a decade of MouthWatch innovation. When a patient in Brant’s family practice became highly engaged in their care after seeing intraoral camera images of their mouth on the screen, the original idea behind MouthWatch began: Connecting patients to the power of those images through cameras and technology. From there, MouthWatch developed teledentistry software that connects patients to providers across a range of settings, creating a platform that brings the power of teledentistry to any provider, program, or practice.

Brant Herman studied Organizational Communication at Sonoma State University and Uppsala University in Sweden. His passion for building companies and driving innovation began in the early days of the Silicon Valley technology boom. He lives in Central New Jersey, close to MouthWatch headquarters. Brant loves cooking, skiing, yoga, shouting out answers during Jeopardy, coaching sports and spending time with his family and friends.

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