Bob Vergidis

Headshot of Founder and Chief Visionary Bob Vergidis

Bob Vergidis

Founder & Chief Visionary
Technology, Entrepreneur
Cincinnati, OH, USA

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Bob Vergidis is the Founder and Chief Visionary for Point of Sale.Cloud.  Bob is a visionary with the unique ability to understand technology at a very low-level while being able to communicate it in practical terms that anyone can understand and use.

Bob Vergidis’ insights come from over 30 years of software development, training, and consulting experience for a wide range of private, public, and government organizations, nationally and internationally. This experience has provided him with the unique ability to quickly understand the technological and operational context of many situations and identify the trajectory of where things are heading.

His passion for envisioning the future is matched by his ability to communicate it. Vergidis has taught technology courses and lead change for universities, the United States military and Fortune 500 organizations around the globe.  He launched one of the first knowledge-based incubators and founded an award-winning school for software development, e-media and design, as well as helped launch several companies and startups. Vergidis developed one of the first food mobile ordering solutions in 2000 and one of the first cloud point of sale systems. With his mobile ordering solution, Vergidis has assisted several restaurants and retail businesses adopt leading-edge technology to move their companies forward.

Bob Vergidis’ latest startup is, founded in 2021 as a response to the pandemic. The is a fully integrated, private cloud, custom-tailored for multiunit restaurants aiming to help them re-invent their business by focusing on the guest experience and prepare for the future. Today, Vergidis serves as the chief visionary officer of and sits on the advisory board of the Interactive Customer Experience Association.


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