Amy Lee Miller

Headshot of Owner Amy Lee Miller

Amy Lee Miller

Founder & Author
Coaching, Entrepreneur
New York, NY, USA

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Amy Lee Miller is the Owner of Troika Talent Acquisitions Coaching & Consulting.

Amy Lee Miller is a recruiter and hiring coach and consultant. After several years recruiting, she wrote and published her first book, Ready Set Recruit: The Hiring Manager’s Guide to Recruiting with Confidence. She helps leaders and organizations identify and eliminate unnecessary inefficiencies in their hiring process and make lasting hires with confidence. Equally passionate about helping others identify and pursue a meaningful career path, she offers one-on-one coaching, helping professionals overcome challenges and achieve their bigger goals. Her second book, Where’s My Mustard? How to Let Go, Attract and Achieve – A Quest to Self-Empowerment, teaches readers how to empower themselves and become unstoppable. Amy also offers motivational speaking and success workshops focused on heeding your intuition to better hone your focus. She lives in Manhattan.

Troika Talent Acquisitions

Troika Talent Acquisitions is a boutique headhunting agency specializing in the medical industry. Troika is a Russian word that translates to all cultures and means literally three horses pulling a cart, and figuratively, three forces propelled in one direction to achieve a goal. Troika Talent Acquisitions … Efficiency, Integrity and Perseverance. 

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