Alex Miller

Headshot of Head of Global eCommerce Alex Miller

Alex Miller

Head of Global eCommerce
Marketing, eCommerce
Washington DC, USA

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Alex Miller is the Head of Global eCommerce & Growth Marketing Strategy at Baabuk, located Lausanne, Switzerland.

Alex is a seasoned digital growth strategist with a data-driven approach to developing brand growth campaigns. He currently serves as the Head of Global eCommerce & Digital Strategy at Baabuk, a sustainable footwear company based in Switzerland, where he manages the brand’s international D2C business and growth channels.

As an experienced digital marketer and brand-builder, Alex offers a unique approach to growing businesses and achieving goals. Alex has worked with brands in a wide-reaching list of industries to modernize digital environments and develop effective growth strategies.

Alex Miller is a graduate of The George Washington University and resides in the Washington DC area. Outside of marketing analytics, he enjoys hiking with his dogs and exploring new trails around the world.

Alex has contributed or been featured in some of the top-tier publications.

In Alex’s free time, he enjoys adventure travel, hiking, and road trips with his girlfriend. Alex Miller am a self-proclaimed whiskey and cigar connoisseur, wine enthusiast, and proud parent to two rescue dogs, Kanga & Roo.

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