5 Benefits of Using AngularJS for App Development

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Web app development is gaining popularity in modern times. More businesses are improving their presence with robust mobile and web applications. Web apps can help you engage with the right customers, prioritize the interactions and improve reach and conversions for your business. 

Developing a reliable and personalized web app solution for your business is essential. Having a framework to help build the application can speed up the task. It can accelerate your launch and give you the desired competitive edge.

However, choosing the framework plays a pivotal role. You should know the framework to bolster your app development requirements and offer the most secure solution. 

AngularJS is gaining popularity in this segment. It offers extensive abilities and enhances the developer’s strength to build a custom mobile app solution. 

If you are considering the AngularJS framework, you should know the benefits of using the framework. 

What is AngularJS?

This is a Google-backed web development framework for creating web applications, websites, and single-page applications. It is an open-source environment where developers can access the source code to make the necessary changes. Angular JS is used to build a front end for web applications, thus allowing developers to create intuitive and client-centric interfaces. In addition, it is built on MVC architecture, so you can easily create rich infrastructures with these solutions. Owing to the base of HTML and CSS, the applications are created to deliver experiences and engagement. 

5 Benefits of Using AngularJS

Here are all the reasons/benefits of using AngularJS to build your next web app. 

The Two-way Binding

This feature is why you should consider AngularJs for web app development. When building web applications, the View must receive real-time responses to queries. This means waiting for a second between synchronizations should be minimal.

The two-way binding feature enables real-time sync between the model and View layers of the AngularJS framework. As a result, when someone inputs a response in View, the model will receive the request. Similarly, when the model responds with the data, the View layer will display it immediately. 

This will make the UI intuitive and impressive. It can also improve the user experience while working around the web app. Eventually, the users will feel less friction while using your web application. Alternatively, this sync will also reduce the chances of bugs. 

Easy to Learn

When you choose a framework, it should be less work and highly usable. That’s what happens when you decide to use AngularJs. The framework makes working around nuances easy and web development efficient. 

You can use your CSS, HTML, and JavaScript knowledge to work around this framework. As it is built using leading technologies, you don’t need to spend separate hours studying the tool and understanding its use.

Similarly, there are courses available online for beginners and proficient, which will take you through the framework’s usage and how to maneuver it for your web development needs. This makes the framework suitable for freelancers, new developers, and skilled AngularJS programmers. 

Excellent Community Backing

The community plays a pivotal role in ensuring smooth development and access to the talent pool. Businesses can hire AngularJS developers from the community with the proficiency and skills needed for the project. 

If you are not looking to hire developers, AngularJS communities can also help you progress with development. Some developers would have worked on similar projects. If your in-house team is stuck, they can easily refer to the projects shared in these communities. They can even look at the communities to connect with fellow developers to escape a situation. 

Community backing can also help you validate the product idea, build a solid prototype, throw some ideas around, and accelerate the launches. 

Manipulate with Declarative UI

The declarative UI allows you to easily create intuitive interfaces with fewer coding lines. Earlier, people used imperative coding to create the interfaces. It allowed them to manage the UI. However, it required the development teams to work on separate interface codes. Eventually, it took up a lot of their time.

On the other hand, declarative UI requires the team to design the user interface using Swift or Kotlin. They don’t need to maintain separate codebases for interface development. They can create a single file to meet individual device requirements. 

As a result, it is easier to manipulate the designs and make them more in sync with the syntax. As a result, the designers don’t need to work on the programming and can focus on creating intuitive designs. 

Improved Testing

According to a web app developer at Simpalm, “Testing is an important part of web app development. You cannot launch an application if you aren’t sure, it is high-quality and bug-free.”

With AngularJs, you can perform end-to-end and unit testing to remove bugs. The dependency injection feature lets you determine how your application functions and realize how the components are generated. 

With the in-built and extensive testing features, you can remove certain dependencies to make your app respond faster. If you face the Google Chrome Critical Error warning, continue reading to find out what to do.

You can easily create test cases, build the ideal map for testing and create components suited to your requirements. It also allows you to test the application from scratch.


Frameworks are essential to creating an exceptionally functional application from scratch. It ensures you can access the code, libraries, and plugins to accelerate development. The frameworks offer the environment to build, test, and launch the application.

AngularJS is a prominent JavaScript-based framework that allows you to create intuitive and functional web applications. You can easily create robust and secure applications by leveraging the framework’s features. 

As the inherent features of the framework are expressive, you can easily deliver engaging, bug-free, and high-performing intuitive front-end solutions. 

If you plan with Angular, hire a top AngularJS developer for smooth and collaborative development. Connect, consult, and then kickstart your project for a successful launch. 


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