Alex Azzi

Headshot of Co-Founding CEO Alex Azzi

Alex Azzi

Co-Founding CEO
Technology, Entrepreneur
Miami, FL, USA

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Alex Azzi is the co-founding CEO of VRWorkout, steering the future of fitness to positively impact humanity at scale.

A serial entrepreneur in VR, software, and health and wellness with 2 exits, Alex Azzi is responsible for leading the team and evangelizing the product.

“Our mission at VRWorkout is to form a movement, driving the future of fitness, enabling happier, healthier and longevity“ says Alex Azzi. “We are excited to be at the forefront of fitness on the exponentially growing platform of spatial computing, the next computing paradigm after mobile. We Are Movement!””

VRWorkout is the only full-body fitness app for Virtual Reality. VRWorkout is completely controllerless, passthrough-centric experience that guides you through high-intensity workouts featuring planks, crunches, burpees and more. The multiplayer experience allows for global, synchronous community workouts, with the ability to create your own individualized exercise programs with your favorite YouTube playlist as a soundtrack! VRWorkout: We Are Movement!

Transform your living room into a personal gym with a full-body VR workout and hand tracking. Jumping // Squatting // Pushups // Side Planks // Crunches // Running // Sprinting and Burpees to the beat of the music This is the Warmup to your next VR Fitness session, for the full VR fitness experience consider switching to VR Workout as well.

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