Archway’s Airdrop Details

earth with several pink parachutes representing Archway's LIVE Airdrop Details

Archway’s Airdrop Details: Last week, Archway, the Layer 1 that allows developers to “capture the value they create,” has announced an airdrop to 3 Cosmos-native communities- but only one is stake-based. 

On Sunday, June 4th,the Archway Foundation announced the Archway’s airdrop to the Cosmos Hub community, along with the snapshot date, 1.16.23. It revealed that the logic behind this decision hinged on the fact that the project is Cosmos-native, and starting there backs up the Foundation’s conviction that the Cosmos ecosystem is truly the gateway to the future. 

Wednesday June 7th brought an airdrop announcement for Axelar bridge users in a nod toward a future that’s not just multichain, but also multi ecosystem: One in which Archway is the entry point to Cosmos and beyond.

On Thursday, June 8th,an airdrop was announced forTerra Classic contract deployers. The tweet thread read:

Because at our core, we’re a builders-first focused chain, crafted by developers, for developers, we want to give you the best tools, so you can focus on what you do best: building incredible applications. We’ve witnessed the amazing work done on Terra. This airdrop is a gesture of recognition for your work. We see you, we value your dedication, and we want to support your continued contribution to the crypto ecosystem. So to all the Terra Classic Contract Deployers, consider this airdrop a handshake across the blockchain divide, a token of our respect, and an invitation to explore the opportunities that Archway offers. Let’s build the future, together.” 

Jad Chenaye of the Archway Foundation shared exclusively with Coruzant, “Our goal with this airdrop is to assemble a core community of builders for the Archway Protocol. Through Cosmos, we hope to build a base layer within the Interchain community. Through Axelar, we hope to reach those that are exploring beyond the limits of the Cosmos ecosystem. Finally, through Terra, we want to make an ode to smart contract developers that have built great products and tooling there. In the world of Archway, every developer matters, and together they shape the foundation for a thriving and inclusive ecosystem.”

Archway has dropped an eligibility checker, meaning that if you are a part of any of these communities—and outside of the United States—you can go take a look at whether or not you qualify to participate. More info is available at and

Earlier this year, we had the pleasure of speaking with Dan Edlebeck of Phi Labs, core contributor to Archway, and formerly of Sei Labs. You can listen to his episode of the Digital Executive here, and talks about Archway’s Airdrop details.


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