The Future is More Than We Think

side view of man with a visual digital brain displayed on the side of his head

Creating a pivot in your business is not such a big shift as doing a pivot and scaling your business through it is.

This requires a Paradigm Shift; it needs a whole new approach. It needs us to think differently and explore how to unlock the potential of our most valuable asset, the brains of our people. This will maximize their performance, make them more resilient, maximize their wellbeing, irrespective of how and where they are working.

The world has changed in the last months. Changed not just with the concerns of safety and security, but also with our preferences and approach.

It is interesting how we are still ignorant about these changes. Maybe because, we are still waiting for the “back to normal” with the world.

Let’s get this right, there is no “back” to normal. There is only “ahead” to a new order of doing things. Of living, or working, of existing and co-existing.

Whether we like it or not, today we have become responsible for each other in more ways than one. It’s about co-existing in this changed world order.

Look to change

As leaders change their approach of leadership, to become more inclusive, the challenges have been turning into opportunities all around us. The possibilities were always there, but the focus was not on exploring them beyond what was needed.

Take the example of remote working. The technology has been there for quite some time now, but it’s utilization to give more freedom and space to people was not thought about as we are thinking today.

We used technology to increase productivity and performance, turning our human counterpart into a mechanical processor of tasks and commands.

The concern of “what” the human counterpart was “feeling” gained its significance when the threat loomed in front of us, practically blocking all view of the future and in some cases even of the present.

However, if we look at it, then technology has always been a tool to create a boon for ourselves, our organizations, and our people.

I always say that technology is just an enabler. The true potential is in the intelligence that made it.

“We” the humans have the potential to create something out of nothing. The human mind is limitless in potential and creativity. It just needs the freedom to believe in it’s worth.

This time is the time of evolution, it’s the time of innovation.

The behavior of people all over the world has been evolving. The push out of the comfort zone was unexpected but humanity has evolved through it. We just don’t realize it because we are still looking at what “can’t” do.

Let’s turn our head around and look towards our future from the place that we stand today, with all the changes, good or bad, it doesn’t matter. Let’s not judge what happened but put our focus on what’s happening.

  • What can we stack in the future?
  • What can we create to exist?

Let’s look at:

  • What behaviors are changing?
  • What opportunities are these changes bringing?

No problem ever existed, without the solution existing before it.

So, where is our focus?

  • Is it on living with the problems and doing firefighting to survive, everyday?
  • Or have we evolved to focus on exploring the ideas that could very well become solutions we had never thought could be “solutions”.

The human behavior is evolving, our preferences are evolving, our neurology is evolving. And it’s all leading somewhere to a place where acceptance is going to be much faster than what it had been before. So, the new, can be something that we can create and place to be accepted as the new preference.

Explore this space before you pivot. Brainstorm on those surprising insights which we failed to notice because our conscious mind did not find the pattern to associate its significance.

Ideate the possibilities free of assumptions. Let’s focus on “what more”.

You can image it

Imagine what the world looks like without borders, with open spaces where the strings of technology are connecting us with people from all over the globe through the click of a button. The button has the power to find for us the talent that we need to scale, and we are not limited anymore by geographical definitions or limitations.

Imagine, the collective power of the human minds that are now connected in a space where innovation can thrive because the ordinary does not work anymore.

Imagine the opportunities that this connected network of human intelligence can create empowered with the tools of technology. The synergies of talent and intelligence have the power to surprise us beyond our imagination.

It’s time to pivot with empowered minds and conscious leadership because the “Future is more than we think”.



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