Sometimes When Business Seems to Stop, it’s Really Just the Beginning

two executive women working in office with masks on

“See the opportunity” … words we chanted to ourselves as the COVID-19 pandemic took global proportions.  This would not be the first time we have experienced times of turmoil.  Like centuries before us, the 21st century has seen its fair share of dips and recoveries, albeit nothing of this impact, but just enough to inform us of when to take action. Sometimes when business seems to stop, it’s really just the beginning.

Business Shifts

In the past 20 years alone, we have seen big cultural shifts that have changed our perspective, protocols, and approach to business entirely.  Starting with Y2K, to 9/11, to the 2008 stock market crash to the expansion of Silicon Valley to silicon beach…with many more events in between.  But now the biggest milestone of the 2000s will be marked by COVID-19, not only its destruction but the resolve shown by both communities and businesses.  Projecting to the future, we find ourselves asking what will come out of this?  

Pretty much what we have seen and learned so far – this country is resilient.  Business seems to stop, but they have been reinventing and pivoting through every crisis and epidemic to survive, thrive and improve. First the invention, adoption and now use of technology will forever change how business is done. Technology is helping us to teach, take meetings, order food, track testing, deliver goods and the list goes on.  It has helped businesses identify a new normal.

For our company, The Vertical Collective (TVC), the new normal is really based on the foundation of our business in manufacturing.  We asked ourselves, what are the resources we need to provide for industries in times like these and in the new ways of business in years to come?  We looked at the basics of our business which is ‘providing resources’.  Resources from raw materials to custom supply chains to the production of goods.  It’s what spurned us to start the Medical Services Group and become a trusted non-traditional supplier to hospitals and governmental agencies across the nation.  But it also helped us to recognize the need to expand our business model to sourcing and manufacturing more raw materials and industrial goods that power essential businesses.  

When Business Seems to Stop

This December will mark the (soft) launch of a new division at The Vertical Collective – TVC Industries. TVC Industries will be officially announced in Q1 2021 and will be a new division serving the needs of the medical, personal safety, commercial engineering and tactical – outdoor and military – organizations. While these times have been challenging for all on several levels, sometimes business seems to stop, but we continue to persevere and “see the opportunities” that will unfold.


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