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Hellen Nitschke

Hellen Nitschke Marketing ExecutiveFashion, Marketing, EntrepreneurMiami, FL, USA Listen to Hellen's Podcast! Hellen Nitschke is the Online Marketing Consultant of Get Launched Agency. Hellen Nitschke is a trailblazing...

How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Fashion Industry

The fashion industry has evolved tremendously throughout human history, mainly due to shifting social values and advancing technology. Artificial intelligence affects modern trends, and...

Tony Drockton

Tony Drockton Chairman & Chief Cheerleader Entrepreneur, Fashion Los Angeles, CA, USA Listen to Tony's Podcast! Tony Drockton is the Chairman and Chief Cheerleader for Hammitt. After earning his...

Haley Pavone

Haley Pavone Founder & CEO Tech, Fashion, Entrepreneur San Luis Obispo, CA, USA Listen to Haley's Podcast! Haley Pavone is the Founder & CEO at Pashion Footwear. Haley is...

Sometimes When Business Seems to Stop, it’s Really Just the Beginning

“See the opportunity” … words we chanted to ourselves as the COVID-19 pandemic took global proportions.  This would not be the first time we...


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