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Stop the Transformation Madness

‘Transform or Die’ flashed across the LED monitors at the convention followed by the logo of a major consulting firm. It’s the Big Lie...

The Technology That Will Power the Hybrid Work Model

When the nascent COVID-19 pandemic first forced offices to send their employees home nearly a year and a half ago, the trajectory of the...

Ash Finnegan

Ash Finnegan Digital Transformation OfficerTechnology, Process ImprovementLondon, England, UK Listen to Ash's Podcast! Ash Finnegan is the Digital Transformation Officer for Conga. Ash works directly with customers and...

Caffrey Francis

Caffrey Francis Chief Executive OfficerEntrepreneurAtlanta, GA, USA Listen to Caffrey's Podcast! Caffrey Francis is the CEO of Grow Hair Clients and YouEarn. Through her business coaching program, she...

4 Affordable Ideas to Grow Your Business Without A Big Team

In the COVID-19 crisis, businesses that were once offline have had to make a swift transition into the online space. In fact, a fifth...

What Decision-Makers Need to Know about the Workplace of the Future

As March 2021 marks the one-year anniversary of businesses going remote due to COVID-19, it is important to consider what offices should look like...


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