Don’t Start a Business, Solve a Problem

smiling woman solving a problem at a white board

Over the past few years, the business landscape has been viewed as dismal and in a state of deterioration by the average consumer. In contrast, entrepreneurs have approached this tumultuous landscape as a source of inspiration and endless opportunity. According to data from the Department of Labor Statistics, more small business applications were filed in 2021 than any previous year. This rise in entrepreneurship can be attributed to need. The rapidly changing political, societal, and environmental climate has created a new demand for unique innovative solutions.

Individuals will always have challenges and obstacles for which they seek a solution, and often, they want the most affordable and convenient way to achieve the best result. This is where entrepreneurs excel, confronting dilemmas and problems with simple effective fixes. Every successful company creates a product or service that solves a need. The more universal the need, the simpler the solution-the higher the probability of creating a customer base.

Take the biggest companies in the world: Amazon simplified shopping; Netflix elevated entertainment viewing, and Uber transformed mobility. The founders of these organizations all had a one goal in mind- to resolve people’s most common problems and simplify their lives!

Challenges Every Entrepreneur Faces

No matter what market you’re trying to enter, the challenges remain the same: identifying a universal problem, developing a streamlined solution, and convincing a target audience your solution is superior to the competition’s.

Let’s look at the rideshare market. Local government regulations, fierce competition and a high barrier to entry are some of the biggest challenges facing those entering the market. In addition, this has been one of the industries hit hardest by the pandemic.  And yet, within this system, there are opportunities to create new markets.

How I Started My Own Business

The development of my business, RUBI followed a very similar model to the one I have described above. In 2017, as a single mom I was in search of support to help manage the busy schedules of my two children. I realized this was not a problem unique to me, but it was an issue that resonated with thousands of other families. While a family may not need a full-time caregiver, they often require assistance transporting their children to and from school, afterschool activities, sports games, etc. Traditional rideshare companies cannot legally transport unaccompanied minors. There was a gap in the rideshare market with no solution for children and families.

When I realized at what a large scale this problem was affecting people, I knew it was time to launch RUBI. I identified the universal need and created a simple solution – a safe, reliable, and trusted rideshare option for children and busy families.

Key Ingredients for A Successful Business

Starting a business is not an easy task, it requires fresh ideas, a strong business model and a great team of people. Hiring committed and experienced people will not only help your business grow, it may help you avoid making mistakes others have already made. As a leader of an organization, you have to be mentally in a place to empower others to do what they do best, and that involves brining in the right people with the appropriate expertise.  

At RUBI we take pride in our family forward, community driven company culture. As opposed to other rideshare services, where users get a different driver for each ride, we build teams of trusted drivers for each family. Each family works exclusively with two or three drivers, creating an environment of familiarity between the drivers and the families. The drivers become an extension of the families.

Another differentiator of our servicers is the unique membership-based subscription model we offer. This business model adds a level of predictability and trust, because most of the rides are recurring, at the same time, to the same place, and with the same driver. Drivers also benefit from this model because they have a source of guaranteed earnings, they know exactly where there are going, who will be in their car, and when they need to be prepared for a ride.

Trust is key

I focused my core business value on the following qualities: perseverance, resilience, and empathy, all of which have been integral to my success as an entrepreneur. The last ingredient necessary for growing a flourishing business is, passion. Passion should be a key aspect for those looking to start a business, it brings purpose to a company and drives the mission forward. The passion that inspired me to start RUBI has led not only to the success of the company, but the satisfaction of knowing I am helping communities by providing jobs and delivering a trusted service!


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