Argentina: Pioneer in IT Education in LATAM

two smiling Argentine tech students, pioneer in IT education

Argentine universities offer IT programs that support technology leadership, and are a pioneer in IT education in LATAM.

Several technological advances have become relevant and prominent thanks to the pandemic and isolation. For example, sales are more straightforward with the normalization of digital transactions. In addition, companies have increased their presence in digital media.

Demand for digital technologies has surged due to rapid digital transformation. Companies seek web pages, software, cybersecurity, and marketing, leading to increased demand for skilled professionals. Educational institutions have expanded their course offerings to meet this demand.

Argentina’s universities offer new online programs in information technology, making them accessible to other Latin American countries. It makes Argentina a pioneering leader in IT education in the region.

In which areas is there a new educational offer?

The digital presence of companies has several facets:

  • First, organizations need visibility into the network.
  • Second, they must stabilize and normalize their databases.
  • Third, they need to strengthen their security systems.
  • And finally, they need to optimize their relationship with online users.

Argentina’s universities are meeting the demand for education in Information Technology with online programs that train professionals in software programming, cybersecurity, and digital marketing.

These programs prepare students to meet the needs of companies seeking to improve their digital presence in areas such as network visibility, database management, security, and user engagement.

Information technology programs in Argentina: training Future LATAM professionals

From this perspective, some of the most popular programs in Information Technology seek to train professionals in the following profiles.

• Software programmers. That they can program web pages and applications available online.

• UX and UI designers. They can design interactive spaces and user interaction.

QA testers. They can test the ecosystems’ quality and functionality before offering them to the market.

• Digital Marketing Specialists. They can produce and manage content in the digital environment, interact with customers, and transform systems into sales.

• Cybersecurity specialists. They are responsible for the security of digital systems. Both to take care of the information and prevent malware in the ecosystems.

• Specialists in information and cloud management. Those in charge of managing data in the cloud and business systems.

Argentina’s online universities now offer Information Technology programs, producing LATAM professionals prepared to work for international companies looking to expand their digital presence. As a result, the region’s talent is emerging as a new leader in the technology sector.

How can I recruit these IT professionals?

Most professionals offer their profiles on LinkedIn and similar social networks. However, contacting these professionals can be inefficient. Some companies specialize in recruiting technology professionals—no need to dig into social media or create a job ad.

Hiring a personnel augmentation service is an efficient way to find qualified personnel. Human resources specialists are in charge of locating talent and contacting it. They can even provide new employees with the necessary equipment and technical support to start work without problems.

New IT professionals thanks to Argentine universities

Argentine universities have taken advantage of the demand for information technology personnel. The new online programs already have graduates ready to work. Techunting can help you find the right talent if your company needs new IT professionals.


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